Maestra London Prepares for Busy Autumn



Aug 13, 2018

Multi award-winning event design and technical production company Maestra London has expanded its team in readiness for a busy autumn season, continuing the mission to deliver the best and most innovative event technical solutions to a dynamic range of clients.

Joining MD Justin Hammond and the London team are three highly skilled individuals   - Matt Spark who becomes part of the proactive project management team as a Senior Project Manager; Euan MacLeod comes onboard as Business Development Manager and Cameron Pullar is now an integral part of the operation as Warehouse Assistant

“I am really delighted to welcome Matt, Euan and Cameron” stated Justin, “and we are all looking forward to excellent, positive and long term working relationships, with all the benefits that their collective experience, knowledge and great personalities will bring to Maestra”. 

Matt Spark, Senior Project Manager

Matt’ s heart and roots lie in the tech side of the live music scene, and he started working at festivals and events like SW4 and the Isle of Wight and other international events, as well as becoming a freelance production assistant for a succession of artists like Diplo, Rick Ross, Tough Love, etc. This experience took him to Australia for three years where he worked with a raft of brands including Sphero, eOne, Star Wars, Quantas, Disney, Sony etc., on events like the Electric Garden Festival … so travelling is also in his blood.

He was keen to work at Maestra as the company fuses the buzz of live events and brand activations, and is known for bringing imagination and flair to a variety of production and presentation scenarios.

He reckons his “organizational genius” is the skill most useful for his new role at Maestra, which will include overseeing a multiplicity of projects, from the initial client contact to full on-site delivery.

He relishes working on challenging and demanding jobs and in unusual locations with the goal of “pulling off the impossible … and making it a reality”.

When Matt’s not busy working … he enjoys snowboarding and drinking!

Euan MacLeod, Business Development Manager

Euan worked in New York and Woodstock before relocating to Scotland to take a degree in Events & Entertainment Management at Glasgow Caledonian University. This was music industry orientated and his dissertation focused on the mediatisation of music in western youth culture.

Able to bring fresh and real-life perspectives to academic studies, Euan’s vast range of live event experiences has included running events in Miami, Ibiza and the UK, dealing with major artists, venue and supplier bookings, selling sponsorship to FMCG brands, co-ordinating corporate stakeholders, driving ticket sales and project managing onsite teams.

Elements attracting him to Maestra include, “The quality and professionalism of the service and everyone’s unique skill sets” as well as the outgoing, gregarious company culture and great teamwork. He adds with a smile, “Oh and the impressive drinks fridge in Justin’s office!”

Euan is looking forward to his work at Maestra which will involve “spreading the love” and building on the already considerable success of the company which will celebrate its third full year of trading in January 2019.

He will be introducing Maestra’s services to a wider client base and building on existing and future relationships, a task he enjoys and one where his creativity and business acumen can excel.

When Euan has any time to himself he’s equally busy … he plays piano and guitar, produces his own music and DJ’s in London’s trendy Shoreditch district.

Cameron Pullar

For a busy production house like Maestra, the warehouse is right at the core of all activities and so it’s vital for this to be well organised and efficiently run.

Cameron worked at a Scottish LED company whist still at school and then studied Music Performance & Production at the University of East London. He’s subsequently worked as an audio technician at the New River Studios in north London engaging in live sound, studio recording and assisting with general equipment maintenance.

He learned about Maestra whilst working with one of the technical managers there on a separate project, and liked what he heard - it sounded like the sort of lively and proactive working atmosphere he likes, and “I felt I could be a good asset”.

He will be helping turn jobs around quickly and efficiently and ensuring that the warehouse is always functioning smoothly. His knowledge of sound, general technical skills and ability to work under pressure are all valuable to Maestra   … and he also hopes to extend his skill set to assist in other parts of the company.

When Cameron is not working he enjoys making music and socializing.

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