Video for Music Video Awards



Nov 21, 2016

Working for Reality Ltd, Maestra Group supplied an LED screen, camera and PPU video package for the 2016 UK Music Video Awards (UKMVAs), which were hosted by comedian Adam Buxton and staged at the Roundhouse in London.

Maestra's project manager James Backer worked closely with Reality's production manager Paul Corrick to specify and deliver the best video hardware solutions to meet Reality’s slick design.

The annual high profile MVAs encompass all things music video / music moving image celebrating the very best of British and international talent in the demanding and innovative field of music videos.

Offering over 30 awards categories, the UKMVs unites well-established and rising star video, TV  and commercials directors, cinematographers, producers, editors, stylists, art directors, visual effects artists, animators, colourists and commissioners … for one memorable night to recognise the most creative, innovative and successful music videos of the past 12 months.

Being packed with video / televisual industry professionals, the pressure was on for the actual event video production to be super impressive for a demanding audience.

For this reason the onstage LED screens were made up from Maestra’s new Absen A3 Pro 3.9 mm product - 225 panels in total - configured as a centre screen comprising 135 panels, creating a true pixel image of 1920 x 1080, plus two sets of side screens stage right and left made up from 45 panels each.

The side panels featured a fragmented design achieved through a neat combination of flying and ground stacking the A3 Pro.

For relay screens, two of Maestra's Samsung 65 inch monitors were positioned in the venue wings to ensure that everyone at the sit-down event could get a good view of the stage.

Of two Sony PXW X200 cameras, one was fixed at the back of the room fitted with a long throw lens for full stage, front-on and head-and-shoulders shots, with the other hand-held and roving onstage to catch the close-up action. Maestra worked with Pro-Cam on this aspect who delivered a Polecam mounted SLR, the output of which was fed into Maestra’s vision mixer.

A Panasonic HS400 vision mixer was operated by Iain Stewart In conjunction with three sets of switchers - Analog Way Pulse, Pulse2 and Di-VentiX II - which created a matrix for routing the different inputs onto the screens where PiPs and other effects were created.

The client provided their own video content and media server, which was fed into Maestra’s system and output to screen.

Maestra’s crew included LED techs Lewis Edwards, Kelvin Cope and Adam Jones, engineer Pok Siwinski and vision mixer Iain Stewart, together with camera operators Mark Mountford and Ian Rolfe.

Production for the one day event, loaded in on the morning for the show which started at 7.30, and finished at 1 a.m., with everything out in two hours.

“It all went very smoothly,” reports James, “We had to be very precise rigging the side screens, but we prepped well in advance and enjoyed some great teamwork with Paul and his crew which enabled us to deliver an eye-catching and elegant result”.

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